Skin Enriching Lipogrid® Technology has been designed to control release and penetrate deep.

Fluorescent microscopy shows the lipids in Lipogrid™ Technology penetrate beyond the stratum corneum (SC) into the epidermis (E)

Fluorescent microscopy shows the lipids in Lipogrid® Technology penetrate beyond the stratum corneum (SC) into the epidermis (E)

The ingredients are designed to Hydrate, Repair and Protect

hydrate, repair, protect

What are the key ingredients of Skin Enriching Lipogrid® Technology?

  • Physiological Lipids
    The physiological lipids in Skin Enriching Lipogrid® Technology are Ceramides, hydrogenated Phosphatidylcholine, cholesterol, and Palmitic acid, lipids occurring naturally in the human body and skin. These lipids penetrate deep to help Hydrate, Protect and Repair skin layer.

  • Glycerin

    • A humectant
    • Attracts moisture to the skin
    • Softens skin and improves elasticity
  • Dimethicone

    • Silicone oil
    • Protects the skin by forming a barrier that prevents moisture loss
    • Dimethicone molecules are too large to physically pass through the upper cells of the skin
    • Dislikes both the water and proteins inside cells of the skin
    • Forms a barrier layer on the skin which must be renewed on a regular basis

Skin Enriching Lipogrid® Technology in Action

Clinical Study2

In a clinical study conducted by Joseph Fowler, MD, 31 patients were randomized to receive either Ceramax™ (Lipogrid® Technology) or a comparator (ointment or lotion) at the baseline visit. Each patient received Ceramax™ for a 3-week period followed by comparator or vice versa. There was a 2-week washout between study phases.

  • Patients who received Ceramax™ exhibited consistent improvement in the areas of erythema, scaling, cracking, fissuring, and vesicles.

  • Patients who received Ceramax™ showed significant improvement in erythema and cracking vs comparator groups.

  • Individuals who received Ceramax™ were 3-fold more likely to stop concomitant use of steroids vs comparator groups.

  • 52% of patients who received Ceramax™ were able to stop or reduce their steroid use.

  • Ceramax™ was preferred by 71% of patients vs 29% for comparators.

  • Ceramax™ received an excellent rating from most patients in all characteristics.

Lipogrid reduction of skin irritancy scores
Steroid Usage—Cumulative Change From Baseline Following Both Treatment Periods
Rating the Cosmetic Characteristics of Ceramax

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