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At Sonoma we are working hard to provide patients efficient affordable access to safe, effective and proven solutions. Over the past several years we’ve helped provide relief to over 10 million patients and counting.

The best medicines are those that patients can get efficiently and affordably

Access for All
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Filling prescriptions at your retail or neighborhood pharmacy

Sonoma products are available at most national retail chains and local pharmacies.

Be sure to insist that the pharmacist fills the prescription as prescribed by your doctor.

Filling prescription through Sonoma’s Pharmacy Access Program

Get your prescriptions delivered to your door.

Our live phone representatives, based in the United States will help verify your information and get your prescription in your hands will no hassles.

Help with filling prescriptions

Email or call us and we will guide you through the most efficient way to fill your prescription.

+1 800.759.9305



Sonoma Rebate Coupons offer your patients efficient affordable access to their Sonoma prescriptions at most national retail chains and local pharmacies, as well as delivered to their door.