A Relentless Passion for Healing

Changing lives for the better is more than a business, it is a calling. We choose to answer the call – despite its difficulty – because we know the importance of the difference we make. The restorative power of our work helps wounds heal, diminishes discomfort, and provides the relief that countless patients have been longing for… from alleviating itch and pain to saving limbs – all while reintroducing people to a state of wellness and confidence.

Our relentless passion keeps us focused and driven. We gain and share knowledge with the brightest minds and partner with our community to bring new solutions to persistent problems. We continue to innovate and refuse to accept the limitations of the status quo, because the more paths to healing we discover, the better we are able to improve patient outcomes around the globe. When we hear that a Sonoma product has fostered healing – when others fell short – we are motivated to put our heads down and forge ahead in our collective passion.

We are Sonoma. We change lives for the better.
And by changing lives for the better, we better ourselves.

Sonoma Pharmaceuticals is a global scientific healthcare company that has pioneered the use of Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) in the specialty pharmaceutical sector. We develop safe and effective healthcare solutions. Our primary focus is developing innovative solutions for dermatological conditions, eye care and advanced tissue care. We have used our superior knowledge and application of HOCl to better the lives of millions around the world.

Our Values


We provide real solutions to real problems. Our products are born from rigorous science, teamwork, and a genuine desire to significantly improve the life quality of the people we serve.


This is about more than business. We exist to to serve a greater purpose: providing paths to healing. We dedicate our resources and manage our choices in service of this mission.


Changing the world for the better is hard. We trust in one another and our collective perseverance to stay the course and make our dent in the universe.


We do more with less. We listen to doctors and patients, understand the real problems, and pursue the best viable solutions with strong science and an innovative approach.


People are the point, and how we connect to them matters. We believe that our business can do well by doing good – by working together with trust and respect to share ideas, educate one another, and generate opportunities to improve patient outcomes, access, and experiences.